How would you like to own that new RV free and clear? Or, how would you like to finance it but have no monthly payments on the FLEX portion of the financing? It’s possible!


Why? Because the money you get from the FLEX is TAX FREE! By using tax free money to purchase your new RV you are increasing your buying power. And who doesn’t want to pay less?


The FLEX is one of the most versatile financing product on the market. Its almost limitless configurations gives you the freedom to control how much free cash you create.

RV Financing Made Easy

The FLEX is an FHA insured loan designed for the 62+ Recreational Vehicle buyer. The FLEX provides Tax Free money to purchase, upgrade or refinance the RV of your dreams – without monthly payments!

Additional benefits can include
an extended line of credit to help fund your lifestyle
increased monthly cash flow through the elimination of your home mortgage
protection from repossession of your RV or foreclosure on your primary residence


A couple age 65 and a $450,000 House Value

  • Released $236,000 in Tax Free cash
  • Used $150,000 towards the purchase of their Dream Recreational Vehicle
  • Paid off their $86,000 mortgage thereby eliminating their mortgage payments.

“Instead of using a good portion of our investments on our dream coach, we used the untapped equity in our home, money doing nothing for us, to pay for a huge portion of it. Now we’ve got money to travel the country!”

– Montgomery and Hazel, Calabasas, CA

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