• Supplement your income
  • Transfer greater wealth to heirs
  • Have an equity line standing by
  • Improve your home
  • Help fund healthcare costs or in-home care


“I didn’t like the idea of all that money sitting in the house doing nothing. I released it and now I can do whatever I want.”

– Merle G. Quakertown, PA


We offer special pricing for veterans and their families, widows, their parents (and we’ve even stuffed a few other relatives in there too). Call it a ‘Veteran’s benefit’. We call it giving thanks. You deserve it.


It makes sense that your house is your biggest asset. Yet the money trapped in there is doing you no good. Accessing the money stashed in that house and putting it to use – that’s the strategy behind the FHA’s Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), which you likely refer to as a reverse mortgage. And the NEW FLEX HECM has new-found flexibility and a unique ever-growing line of credit feature. The money is tax free and you make no repayment for as long as you live in the house. Our professionals, led by a Veteran Concierge, will efficiently and expeditiously help you understand how it works. First, we educate. And if it makes sense for you, we’ll escort you through the entire process.

Reverse Mortgage Advisors

The Reverse Mortgage Advisors is a specialized unit within a national lender with the experience and knowledge necessary to serve our veterans and their families who want to equity for a variety of purposes. We understand your needs and have special programs that work well for veterans.